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General Bussiness Information

Koza Triko was incorporated in 1975 and is professional in the manufacturing of flat knitwear (Tricot) business. Our vision is to satisfy our customers by supplying individual products of high quality at affordable prices, locally and worldwide. Koza Triko offers a quality conscious production and collection. On the other hand, our mission is to present the most trendy and highest quality valuable products to local and international customers at best prices with best service and quality. Koza Triko is running sampling/collection process in house. All sampling machines are latest technology Multi Gauge full automatic Shima Seiki flat knit machines which help us to prepare collections almost in any gauge. Monthly sampling capacity is 100 pcs. We are capable of working with all kind of yarn - like flat or fancy yarns - but what makes us different and what we are specialized in indigo yarns and piece dyeing techniques. Company is well experienced in Mens Collection and producing for both local and worldwide brands. Koza Triko has a innovative design team that follows up all local worldwide fashion and yarn fairs monthly. Our design team is very concentrated on new trends and creates their own designs according to the customer profile and works accordingly on market demands. In production process, Koza Triko works with conscious manufacturers which are all audit certified. Koza Triko also has its own experienced and qualified quality team which follows up all production steps.


Koza Triko focuses on quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction and strives continuously for the goal of new creative products.

We, as a team, like what we do. We believe in design. Good design brings enjoyable use. We manufacture considering design and functionality simultaneously.


Koza Triko believes in the power of creative design. The company manufactures considering design and functionality simultaneously.

Koza Triko team believes that successful collections can be created only through special designs. Koza Triko manufactures its own collection and collections, prepared according to demand.